About us

The Royal Commonwealth Society South Australia
Working together with the 54 Commonwealth countries the South Australian RCS supports campaigns and activities that connect to Literacy, the Environment, Connected Communities, and Equity and Inclusion. The RCS SA  branch gives priority to altruistic and humanitarian activities and projects that promote human rights and equal rights for marginalised groups, sustainable development, environmental issues and the arts in our local community.

The SA branch recognises that our future will only be safe if we protect our planet, use its resources responsibly and encourage and promote understanding and friendship. During Commonwealth Week in 2022 South Australia’s RCS  wants to contribute to the global campaign to protect and sustain the world’s forest habitats. 

Libby Ellis President and Julie Gameau Secretary: Royal Commonwealth Society – SA 

The South Australian branch of the RCS, in conjunction with the Joint Commonwealth Societies Committee (JCSC), looks forward to working collaboratively on projects that safeguard the health of our trees and forests in South Australia and support further development of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

The Multi-Faith Service. 
Commonwealth Week in SA  is a combined project with the Joint Commonwealth Societies Committee. In Adelaide, Commonwealth Day has been celebrated at St Peter’s Cathedral with a procession of flags from every Commonwealth country, singers and dancers from across the Commonwealth and from different faiths and cultures.
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